Quick Poll and an Update

Hey, everyone! Sorry about the whole two-week-in-a-row-without-a-post thing… I’ve been trying to get one together but life keeps getting in the way. To make up for it, get ready for double recipe week! I’ll be posting two awesome recipes (and trying to get a couple in the back burner for weeks I’m swamped) this week!

And second: let’s take a poll. I’ve noticed a lot of you feel like you aren’t skilled enough to attempt these recipes. I think it would be cool to teach you, and therefore give you the confidence you need, to be skilled enough at these recipes! So I’m considering starting a twitch stream, where once a week I’d make a recipe and the instructions and details would be posted here a few days later. Thoughts? Let’s take the poll to find out! And please leave a comment or two if you have some thoughts or suggestions!

Wednesday’s Are Now Poll Days

Let’s be honest with each other.  After I posted my first recipe I had no idea which one to tackle next.  I knew crepes were first and that was it.  The next recipe was the result of a conversation that went like this:

“Here is a list of 8 ideas I could make next, [insert husbands name here].  Which should I do?”

“Ummmm… the Mushroom Risotto looks good.  Do that one”

“Okay.  But that’s the hardest on this arbitrarily determined list… I guess we can work with that”

But my very good friend Ishto (his reddit handle.  Is that what it’s called?  A handle?) posted my last recipe to reddit and I GOT A REQUEST!! It made me very, very happy.  But it also made me decide that hey, why don’t you, the *cross my fingers* loyal readers get a say in what I make next?  So Wednesday’s are now poll days.  I’ll list 4 new recipe options that I feel like making for the next post, it’ll be open for 1 day, and you get to decide what I make.  I’ll make the poll available on twitter as well as here on this blog.  The winner will be the next recipe on Tuesday!  Sound good?  I think so.

However, this week’s option has already been decided by Arealtossup.  He commented on reddit that he would love to see Creamy Heart Soup.  So I’m going to make it for him… somehow…  (I know I also got a request from bobpuller but sorry, bobpuller, monster cake is definitely going to be a Halloween special!).  But I still thought, hey, we should do a poll to start us off.  So feel free to take it and lets find out which letter of the alphabet (or number, if you’re one those people who think multiple choice questions are numeric) people like the most.  I’m sure we can tell a lot about your personality by your letter choice…