Zelda Collaboration Project

IT’S HERE! It’s finally here!  The Zelda collaboration blog, hosted by Matt at Normal Happenings, is finally published for all the world to see.

Guys, this project is insane.  It was tons of bloggers adding their input on the sights and sounds of Hyrule.  How cool is that?!  And all of their hard work, and especially Matt’s hard work, should be recognized.  So please go check it out!  I don’t want to reblog here, because I want you to go to this amazing person’s site and see everything the way he planned it.  He deserves that.

OH!  And in case you were interested, I included 2 new recipes for this project.  Yay!  To see them just head on over…

Hyrule: See the Sights, Hear the Sounds!

Today’s poll is cancelled 

So today’s poll is cancelled… but it’s okay, I promise!  I’m heading out of town soon and I have a few ideas on how I’d like to handle that. Instead of doing a poll I’m going to choose the next two recipes.  Yay! After a few in a row I haven’t been super excited about this will be a nice break! Thanks for sticking with me and show up tomorrow for the newest recipe, fish pie!

Monday’s Poll has (yet again) been cancelled – and a surprise for tomorrow’s recipe!

Bad news, folks.  Monday’s poll has once again been cancelled.  This is due to some very unexpected, unappreciated, and unbelievable events happening over at my brand new house yesterday… I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.  P.S. – they aren’t good.  This has made it impossible for me to hold to my last poll and make carrot cake tomorrow… I’m so sorry!  Especially for those of you who have been waiting weeks for this!

Since I haven’t had the capability to cook/bake for the last 2 days I am going to try something new tomorrow!  Over at Instagram and Twitter, starting tomorrow morning-ish, I will be live-posting a recipe for Salt Grilled Prime Meat!  I’ll start with why I can’t post what I meant to create, show you how to shop and choose a good cut of prime steak, and walk you through all the steps to grill your own perfectly seasoned and grilled steak, all in time for Independence Day here in the U.S.!  So if you haven’t already head over to @sheikahplate and follow to get photos and a live feed of the recipe.  If you feel so inclined follow along!  It’ll make the perfect meal to enjoy with fireworks… or your favorite form of random, middle of the week, not a holiday – not my country, entertainment!

See you all tomorrow!  I’m pretty excited!

P.S. – the full recipe and photos will be posted on the blog Wednesday for those of you who can’t follow tomorrow.  But come on, you want to be there.  It’ll be awesome!

Wednesday’s Are Now Poll Days

Let’s be honest with each other.  After I posted my first recipe I had no idea which one to tackle next.  I knew crepes were first and that was it.  The next recipe was the result of a conversation that went like this:

“Here is a list of 8 ideas I could make next, [insert husbands name here].  Which should I do?”

“Ummmm… the Mushroom Risotto looks good.  Do that one”

“Okay.  But that’s the hardest on this arbitrarily determined list… I guess we can work with that”

But my very good friend Ishto (his reddit handle.  Is that what it’s called?  A handle?) posted my last recipe to reddit and I GOT A REQUEST!! It made me very, very happy.  But it also made me decide that hey, why don’t you, the *cross my fingers* loyal readers get a say in what I make next?  So Wednesday’s are now poll days.  I’ll list 4 new recipe options that I feel like making for the next post, it’ll be open for 1 day, and you get to decide what I make.  I’ll make the poll available on twitter as well as here on this blog.  The winner will be the next recipe on Tuesday!  Sound good?  I think so.

However, this week’s option has already been decided by Arealtossup.  He commented on reddit that he would love to see Creamy Heart Soup.  So I’m going to make it for him… somehow…  (I know I also got a request from bobpuller but sorry, bobpuller, monster cake is definitely going to be a Halloween special!).  But I still thought, hey, we should do a poll to start us off.  So feel free to take it and lets find out which letter of the alphabet (or number, if you’re one those people who think multiple choice questions are numeric) people like the most.  I’m sure we can tell a lot about your personality by your letter choice…